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Simply the best technology support for banking and financial service sector


Serving customer, banks and payment processing companies all over the world. Our software is a mission-critical part of their enterprise architecture helping millions of people day and night who need to pay in a shop, taxi, restaurant, hospital.


Payments are able to be processed by CSETpay in all parts of the world in over 300 different languages and 180 global currencies.

Stay tuned, coming soon !


Virtual Wallet

 Card Transactions / Card Vault / PCI Compliant

Self Serve Registration & Compliance

Domestic Transfers (CAN EFT / US ACH) / Bank Vault

International Transfers

Real-time Currency Exchange

Online Portal (Multi-Currency / Multi-Language)

REST API Coverage

AR / AP Workflow

ERP & Accounting Framework (Bi-Directional & Agnostic)

Payment Scheduler (Bi-Directional & Agnostic)

Online Portal (Unified Real-time Reporting)

Agnostic Payment Provider

Gateway Switching & Transaction Based Rules Engine

Platform (Licensing & White-labelled SaaS)

APAC Payments (AliPay, WeChatPay, Union Pay)

QR Code Vault

Orchestration Software

& More

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