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Our Services

Cloud expert Managed Dedicated Cloud Server, including firewalls, load balancers and other technical components, saving you time and money. Flexible, fast and reliable solutions for startups, SaaS developers and web & app developers, with maintenance and information conveniently accessible via a single Control Panel. 

 Innovative platform -  Scale up and out as you grow.
Simply  upgrade or clone more servers.

Start out small pay only for what you use, cancel what you don’t need

Backup as a service (BaaS) a modern cloud backup

Innovative mobile cloud backup solution that protects all the files on your devices, organizes them for you,  search images using powerful AI technology. We bring the future of cloud storage to you.

Your email account is particularly the most sought after target from hackers and cyber criminals,  because the cyber criminal will often obtain access to many or all of your other accounts through it.  This is explains the very active cyber criminal activity on the internet. Security features ; Recall Email , Self Destruct Email, Encryption, Time Limit Read, Time limit Send, Password Protect, Disable Forward/Reply


Easy Setup with Csetstore

Start Selling Online for just $12.95 per month. 

A secure turn key e-commerce platform

COMING SOON-Create your e-business and professional website 

Sell online, Offline. 

Intermediation (M&A - Mergers and Aquisitions)

CSet Technologies is a financial intermediary and has partnered with thousands of organizations, Institutions, and corporations globally to help facilitate the needs of buyers and sellers. Cset intermediaries provide a middle ground between two parties in any financial proposal or transaction. For more details visit us at :  M&A

Web & Application Development

CSet Technologies Development is ready for business.

Visit us now at :  SoftwareDevelopment

CsetPay - FINTECH 

CSet Technologies - COMING SOON - Future of Payments

Cyber Security

CSet Technologies - COMING SOON - ! Complete turn key Cyber Security.


Future of Payments
We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The Difference

No longer you or your organization will be locked into payment methods, acquirers, or gateways.

With CSETpay our dashboard makes it seamless to handle credit cards, EFT/ACH, cross-border and international transfers.

Switch between  gateways and acquirers with a few clicks, anytime with no additional setup.

CSETpay developed for tier-1, mid-size and start-up players – Banks, processors, telcos, national switches, fleet, ISO's, and many more other companies all over the world.

CSETpay  offers the most multi tenanted solution and covers every major point necessary related to the financial payment sector. Whether you are starting from scratch or migrating millions of cards and merchants from legacy, CSETpay is an easy integration and here for you.

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