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CsetMail - Cyber Secure Enterprise Mail

You the sender are always in control of the electronic information. You choose, the level of security and confidentiality you wish the receiver to respect. Dedicated secure servers with built-in encryption protection assures that your information remains private and secure. Intended information sent is for the privacy of the sender and the receiver and controlled by the sender. CSET will reset the Paradigm for those who have become accustomed to, and have been subjected to, email fraud, manipulation, communication being forward to unintended persons, unintended sender errors and more.

Security Features; Recall Email , Password Protect, Self Destruct Email, Time limit Read, Delayed Send, Disable Forward , Disable Reply, Encryption and More. 

Mi6Mail -Mail with Intelligence

Ultimate email system designed to safeguard your privacy and protect your sensitive information. And the best part? MI6mail will be available as an official mobile app on iTunes and Google Play, catering to both individuals and corporate users. *Stay Tuned - Coming soon.

MI6mail stands for Mail Intelligence, and the "6" represents our commitment to having your back—just like the phrase "We got your 6" used in military contexts. We are here to provide you with the most secure and advanced email experience available, right at your fingertips.

Security Features; Recall Email , Password Protect, Self Destruct Email, Time limit Read, Delayed Send, Disable Forward , Disable Reply, Encryption and More. 



When the self-destruct feature is applied to a sent email the recipient will only be able to view the content once. After closing the message it will automatically self-destruct and no longer be available to view. The sender may choose if the receiver has the privilege of knowing that it will Self Destruct by a Yes or No option.


This feature allows the sender to schedule an email to be sent at a later time or date, any time from 1 minute up to 30 days.


This features enables the user to control the time the recipient will have to read or access the email. The time limit feature ranges from 1 minute to 30 days. There is a count down clock signifying on the receivers inbox. Once the sender pre set time limit is reached, the receiver will no longer have the ability to read or access the email.


We encrypt all the information you send over CSETMail. Our dedicated servers have built-in Encryption and have the most up to date, standards of security providing you a level of data security in your email service in both sending and receiving and where email interception will not be possible.


One of the greatest security features to have is the ability to recall a sent email. When information or data is sent to an incorrect address, or upon the sender recognizing an error, the sender has the ability to RECALL the sent email. The RECALL function will delete the email and since the email is not residing on the recipient’s server but on the sender’s, such deletion is a True Recall by the click of the sender’s button


With the enabled PASSWORD PROTECTED feature, the sender controls not the receiver of the email, but the viewer. This is a critical security feature in classified, confidential, secure or private emails. By providing a specific password to the intended viewer, no matter who receives or views the email, only the intended viewer holding the password will have the ability to access the email.


The sender of the email can control whether or not the recipient can forward the email to a 3rd party.


The sender can remove the recipient’s ability to reply to any specific email.

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