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Point a Domain to CSET HOSTING

If CSET registered a new domain for you when creating your CSET HOSTING account, it will be pointed automatically and no action is required on your end.

If you want to use a domain name that is NOT registered with CSET HOSTING, you will need to follow the instructions below:

The domain name must be in “Active” status. Most registrars set the status of the domain names to “Locked” by default, so you need to unlock the domain name first from the control panel of the current registrar.
There must be more than 15 days until the expiration of the domain.
The domain name must have been initially registered more than 60 days ago.
You must have the EPP code (authorization code) for the domain. You can obtain it from your current registrar.

STEP 1. Update your DNS settings at your current domain registrar

The CSET HOSTING name servers that you should use to point your domain to us are:

STEP 2:  IMPORTANT:  CSET will need the current owners email address, Domain Name, and EPP code; email the following details to 

1) Current owners email address

2) Domain Name

3) EPP code

CSET HOSTING will Input the EPP code on our server on your behalf and check if you have access to your account administrative email address.

 Through your Site Tools; you will be able to use email services with this domain on our servers. If you use email with this domain, it will be handled by our servers with no additional DNS records pointing.

If you have Private DNS activated you can find your DNS information in your User Area > Services > Domains > Manage (for the associated domain) > Extras.

Go to your domain Registrar’s management panel (this might be your previous hosting provider or else) and find the corresponding domain management forms to update the name servers.


See how you can do that with WIX Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, DreamHost, Namecheap, Google Domains,

NOTE: If you have any custom DNS records with your old registrar that you need to keep, you can request CSET to add to our  Editor Tools to set them before you change the name servers.

 # IMPORTANT : If CSET is providing DOMAIN please Search domain name availability prior to requesting.

     If available PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO with the following below:


 1) Full name

 2)Available Domain

 3) Email address associated to your chosen domain name.

As an alternative to pointing your domain to our service by changing its name servers, you can update only the domain’s A record to point to your hosting account’s IP address (find your site IP address). Thus your domain will open your website on our server, but you will not be using our DNS service and will miss on the speed and management benefits mentioned above. Also if you use email with this domain it will not be pointed to our servers.

STEP 3  Wait 72 hours for the propagation

It CAN TAKE UP 72 HOURS likely less time however, until the changes in your domain’s records propagate. We strongly recommend that you do not discontinue your previous hosting service until this period is over. During these 72 hours, some of your visitors will access your site on the old server and some on the new so you need them both up and running.

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