We all have information and data that needs to remain private.

Security bugs or vulnerabilities exist in  virtually all  operating system, firmware applications.

Examples of these are Outlook, gmail, media
players, Adobi acrobat.

Risks exist in your browser applications; like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

There could be a security bug in your Internet Explorer where you visit a particular website which has
special code within it.

Unknown to you, infects your system which installs malware on your computer.

A famous and classic attack is where the hacker agent copies and Encrypts your information later to hold you ransom. 
In order to receive your information and data back you must pay money to decrypt it.


 Very well known as RANSOMWARE

In the increasingly growing industry of computers and networking, individuals and organizations need to understand the reality of such security issues
that exist on the world wide web, Internet sites and on Internet infrastructures.