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 For  people who want to shield themselves against cyber criminals, hackers, malicious viruses and malware. It's for individuals and organizations who want to share data and critical information privately or anonymously without endangering themselves, partners their organization and or their family. 


CSET was created for those who desire their accounts, & personal information remain private and even possibly anonymous from corporate or government tracking spying. In addition CSET has developed their own protocol; CSETP created for email privacy and communication.

 CSET is for the freedom fighters, journalists, business people, law enforcement, and associated political, religious organizations and all  individuals who are passionate about privacy, security, and a significant amount of anonymity.If you are concerned about governments spying and tracking your internet  usage, then CSET is for you.


CSET is in the process of seeking and building a global team of security professionals.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact us.

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