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Why MI6eMail ?

Mi6email has implemented  a new industry protocol .  

*CSETP - * Cyber Secure Email Technology Protocol

The existing free email providers 'secure' protocol you use on your mail client, only protects the connection between you and your provider.

If you want your email to remain private and secure with the ability to control your information you will need something different.

MI6eMail takes care of all of that.

"We Got your 6"

"I got your six," meaning we got you covered so the enemy can't come up behind your back and attack you. "I got your six" means "I got your back.” It declares a story of protection . . .


MI6email is here to protect your information.

Mass electronic surveillance by governments revealed over the last several years has spurred a new movement to take back  control of privacy on the web. A movement to empower individuals to be the master of their own data.

The core protocol of email, SMTP is inherently decentralized, this means that you loose control of your message, the very instant you click the 'Send' button. You have no visibility of what happens to your message, when it transits through dozen of intermediate systems.


Until Now !

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